What prompted the decision to build a bridge over Parker Road?

    A pedestrian bridge crossing Parker Road (State Highway 83) will provide safer access for pedestrians and bicyclists between the RTD Nine Mile Station and the residences and businesses on the north side of Parker Road—including The Point at Nine Mile transit-oriented development—which has been desired for years. The recommendation for a bridge also was included in the city's 2012 Nine Mile Station Area Plan to support anticipated redevelopment in the area. Redevelopment plans moving forward in 2017, and the funding need to pay for the bridge, was solidified in 2019.

    What type of bridge will be built?

    The prefabricated steel truss bridge with additional support from an arch system is in preliminary design. The current proposed design of the bridge is to span Parker Road in a single span, with concrete decking, a roof and polycarbonate resin panels along the vertical walls of the bridge to provide wind and weather protection. However, the bridge will still have open/natural ventilation. A prefabricated bridge type was selected due to its affordability. Bridge landings with stairs and a pair of elevators are proposed to be provided on each end and designed as separate structures from the bridge. The landings and stairs will be bicycle and pedestrian friendly, but are considered with bicycle dismounting for travel and circulation safety. Check back to see any updates to design and overall progress throughout this exciting project.

    How is the bridge design and construction being funded?

    The city has been granted federal funds through the Denver Regional Council of Governments to help pay for the bridge design and construction with city capital improvement funding used as a match amount. Additional funds from the city's Art in Public Places program will pay for aesthetic enhancements, and public outreach efforts in early 2021 provided some guidance on those elements.

    How will this bridge benefit the community?

    The city has a Complete Streets framework in place now, and the Nine Mile Bridge will help address the needs of all types of travelers, including pedestrians, bicyclists and those with mobility-assist devices.