Alternative Shelter Options

Pallet Homes

Pallet builds safe, dignified, and personal shelter for people experiencing homelessness, designed and built by people with lived experience in homelessness. These homes are a temporary solution that creates a bridge between living on the streets and stable housing.

Tents for Safe Camping

Safe outdoor spaces reduce unsanctioned camping and the problems that come with it, by creating a safe, clean space for people experiencing homelessness for whom conventional shelters are not an option. Safe Outdoor Spaces typically are made up of several sturdy tents and community space within a fenced-in, controlled area. Individuals find food, shelter, safety, healthcare, compassion, and equity through wrap-around services as a stepping-stone for more permanent housing.

Tiny Homes

Tiny home communities are a temporary solution that create a bridge between living on the streets and stable housing. The communities create a place of stability, privacy, and dignity while connecting people to resources. The structures are designed to be easily deployable and transportable but also standing up to the necessary building code requirements. The space is designed with trauma-informed care in mind, supporting healing and growth.

Safe Parking

Sheltering in vehicles is often the first stop for individuals who lose permanent housing. Without intervention and support, many fall deeper into homelessness and may eventually end up in shelters or in encampments. Safe parking lots provide safety for those temporarily living in their vehicles and for the surrounding community.

Restroom/Shower Trailers

Daily hygiene habits play a critical role in preventing the spread of disease from person to person. In America, most unhoused individuals do not have adequate shower facilities or washing stations available. Access to clean water, soap, and washing facilities reduce the risk of infection and illness in this population, as well as the spread of disease to the community at large.

This is truly a program that works as a connector for individuals to get additional services such as mental health or substance misuse counseling, identification, housing, employment, and more while accessing essential hygiene and wellness services.

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