Where is the City Center area located?

    This area is located east of I-225 and flanks Alameda Parkway to the north and south.

    Why is the city conducting this visioning study?

    Aurora's City Center area has seen significant investment in new shopping, services and restaurants in recent years. But there's potentially much more to come, with much development interest in the area and opportunities for investment that could transform the area even further. To help shape and support this development interest, the city is creating a vision and development framework for this area.

    What kind of public outreach has been completed on this project so far?

    Two virtual public outreach meetings occurred in 2020 to assist in the study.

    The Aug. 6, 2020, meeting providing participants with information on development opportunities in the City Center area and allowed participants to share their vision for how City Center grows and evolves in the coming years. The meeting featured a series of local speakers discussing opportunities for growth and investment in the area, including the topics of retail and restaurants, housing, office and employment, entertainment and hospitality, small and locally owned businesses, and marketing and branding.

    The Oct. 21, 2020, meeting provided an updated on feedback and survey results from the first round of public input. Participants had time to share additional thoughts on important topics facing City Center's future, including transportation, public spaces, housing, employment, shopping, dining and identity for this important area.

    The slideshows and video recordings of these meetings are available on this page.