What is the City Charter?

    The Aurora City Charter was approved by voters in 1961 following a Charter Convention and has been revised periodically through votes of the public. The charter governs such areas as:

    • Form of municipal governance
    • Municipal elections
    • Mayor and City Council powers, terms, salaries, responsibilities and qualifications
    • Initiative and referendum process
    • City Manager powers and duties
    • Budget process and financial administration
    • Utility and franchise agreements
    • Public safety labor relations

    How do changes to the City Charter occur?

    Changes to the City Charter must be approved by Aurora voters upon referral to the ballot by the Aurora City Council.

    What is the City Council Charter Review Ad Hoc Committee?

    The Aurora City Council established an ad hoc committee in 2022. The goal of the committee is to bring forward possible changes to update the City Charter and to make recommendations for improvements with final outcomes to be presented to the voters for approval.

    What is the Ad Hoc Citizens Charter Review Task Force?

    The Ad Hoc Citizens Charter Review Task Force was formed to research and provide written recommendations to the Ad Hoc Charter Review Committee of City Council on potential amendments to the City Charter to better serve the needs of the City’s residents. This task force will also review and comment on any proposed amendments to the City Charter put forward by the Ad Hoc Charter Review Committee of City Council.